Carbon Sponge: A Guide to Grow Carbon in Urban Soils (and Beyond) by Brooke Singer with Sara Perl Egendorf, Katharhy Flores and Marisa Prefer was produced in 2019.

This book details:

  • the origins of the Carbon Sponge project,
  • recent science that informs our decision-making,
  • the stories and multiple histories that inspire and guide us, 
  • the design process of Carbon Sponge,
  • the tools of the Carbon Sponge Kit,
  • cover crop recipes (good enough to eat!), 
  • and a whole lot more! 

Georgia Silvera Seamans and Melissa Metrick of NYU Urban Farm Lab in 2021 with a Carbon Sponge guide and kit.

The guide’s sexy centerfold (cover crop mix, partial).

You can purchase a hard copy ($25 US) by following the PayPal links below or download a PDF of the book contents for free.

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Illustrations by Corey Cavagnolo
Photographs by Jess Giacobbe, Miles Dubois and Brooke Singer