Carbon Sponge is interested in working with soil as a vital and living entity. A quarter of all known species live in the soil and human life depends on the health of these organisms. Carbon Sponge draws inspiration from soil microbes – small but mighty – and recognizes soil as a dynamic force for social change.

We are listening to recent science, much older indigenous practices and the land itself to guide our relationships to soil, how we cultivate our food and find a sense of place within complex and changing ecosystems.

Carbon Sponge is focused on stewarding land to grow and retain carbon in the soil. This is for the benefit of microbes, plants, people and climate.    

Carbon Sponge’s Soil Profiling event at White Feather Farm with Olga Vargas (USDA/NRCS Soil Scientist) and Rich Shaw (retired USDA/NRCS Soil Scientist).

Initiated by Brooke Singer in 2018 while a Designer-in-Residence at the New York Hall of Science, Carbon Sponge has been designing experimental plots to study soil dynamics and developing reliable protocols for anyone to track carbon and other characteristics in soils over time to grow the carbon farming movement in New York City and upstate New York. 

Carbon Sponge is an ongoing and varied interdisciplinary collaboration between artists, farmers, scientists, agroecologist, educators and the public to understand soil as a means to address climate chaos, improve health and build resiliency. 

Perl conducting Carbon Sponge field work at NYSCI in a Carbon Sponge “microbe print” suit, 2018.

Contact: info AT carbonsponge DOT org

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Illustrations by Corey Cavagnolo
Photographs by Jess Giacobbe, Miles Dubois and Brooke Singer